Sarah Krauss is an award-winning performer and storyteller living in New York City.  A graduate of NYU with a degree in Musical Theatre, Sarah has sung, danced and acted her way across the country.
Sarah Loves: 
                     Old movies
                     New movies
                     Hillary Clinton
                     Nasty Women in general
                     Vintage clothing
                     The beach
                     Buffy the Vampire Slayer
                     and sleigh bells
                     and schnitzel with noodles
                     Her cats
                     The Slate Political Gabfest
                     (really, any excuse to dress up)
                     Raspberry Pie
                     Books that make you think
                     Books that make you laugh
                     Books that make you cry 
                     Other people's babies
When not performing, Sarah is the Operations Coordinator for The Children's Arts Guild helping students use their creativity to transcend limiting expectations and develop their authentic selves.