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From Shakespeare to Sondheim Sarah has spent years performing masterworks across the country, but recently she has been excited to apply her skills and vision to storytelling in new ways. 


In 2016 Sarah had the privilege of working as part of the Correspondence Department on the Hillary Clinton campaign reading and responding to over 3 million stories sent in from citizens across the country. Sarah helped select the most compelling pieces to be featured in commercials and speeches.  It was an eye-opening experience that showed her the tremendous power of personal storytelling. 

Since then, she has written and directed three one-woman shows and honed her storytelling skills during a fellowship at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center. Recently, in addition to directing her own projects, Sarah has assisted several directors and productions in the New York area. She is interested in work that is heartfelt,  thought-provoking, collaborative, vulnerable, and political. 

Recent Work

Into the Woods in Concert
Directed by John McDaniel
Assistant: Sarah Krauss
Featuring: Alice Ripley, Melissa Errico, Alan Murouka, Ali Ewoldt
The Constitution:  A Secular Oratorio
 by Benjamin Yarmolinsky
Vertical Players Repertory Company
Love Letters: How Correspondence Changed My Life
 by Sarah Krauss
Written by MILCK
Directed by Sarah Krauss
Performed by member of the Broadway and New York Theatre community